Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring? Recap

Normally a post in the beginning of May would leave me with plenty to talk about on how we are taking each afternoon and weekend and savoring the beautiful Minnesota spring.  Let this show that in 2013 we have had winter for nearly 6 months.  As a mom with two young kids, it has been nothing short of miserable.  I’ll be honest…my mood as a mom and my temper with my kids has been short.  I have needed many prayers for patience in the long cold weekend days.

I have been told by more than one person (and even more than 2 or 3!) that I haven’t been the best at blogging lately.  It seems as the kids get older, and our life stays busy, I am finding less time to use this as a creative outlet. 

Wanna Be Spring 2013 events:
Mallory is having fun doing activities and projects with Girl Scouts. Her Scout leader is amazing at tying all sorts of lessons on creating a strong community and serving others, while the girls have a blast learning.

The troop on a field trip to Gertens Greenhouse.
Not only did the girls learn a ton, this was a fabulous field trip for the adults as well!
P1140376   P1140383

Both girls are in swimming lessons and LOVING each and every week.  It hasn’t been that long since Mallory’s fear tried to overcome her, but she is doing tremendously and it is thrilling to watch.  Mikayla is most proud of her ear plugs—go figure.  She wanted nothing to do with putting her face and head in the water.  Once we introduced the earplugs she has turned a corner and enjoys blowing bubbles just like the rest of the kids.

P1140358   P1140359P1140362   P1140363

Kate and I took a trip to Punta Gorda Florida to visit my dad, uncle and aunt.  They recently purchased a “Winter” home and we went down just a few weeks after the closing.  It was three weeks after my mom died and our emotions were still so raw.  It was a much harder trip than I expected, but seeing my dad in a warm environment, surrounded by family, golf, and SUN, was just what we needed.  It didn’t make saying goodbye any easier…  We are anxious to begin to make some family memories down there when the Minnesota winter rears her ugly head in just a few short months.

P1140266   P1140282

Though few and far between, we are starting to see some true signs of spring. The bikes and toys are being played with in the driveway.  The seeds we planted a few months ago are very very anxious to get in the dirt of the garden! 

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