Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring 2013? We are desperate…


Do you see these two?  They are BARELY surviving this un-ending winter.  Seriously.  Send green grass, tillable dirt, and unfrozen lakes to fish on..pleaseandthankyou.

Though we still have a good 18 inches of snow drifts alongside of the driveway, we were desperate for spring.  It is March 28 and it is time. We pumped up the air in the bike tires, took out the scooters and the roller skates and we had ourselves a beautiful spring afternoon. 


Mallory is loving her roller skates and I am grateful for a flat concrete driveway as our street, with loose road rocks everywhere, is no match for feet with wheels. 

          P1140307     P1140308

Mikayla is three and  Most of what Mikayla does is done with the insertion of an exclamation point. Everything is still new. When she experiences things of spring her excitement is contagious.  Sticks! They float into the sewer drain! 
(Insert three year old jumping) Rocks!! “Mommy I love rocks!”   

       P1140320     P1140319

I am hoping this is the beginning of the end of winter….

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