Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hey Ladies

It started as a crazy dream that I shared with Brent. “Wouldn’t it be cool if we got chickens for our backyard!?!  We have plenty of space, a beautiful backyard, a huge garden!  It would be the perfect addition!” Brent wasn’t buying it…  I dabbled in some research, and slowly my crazy dream was turning into something that was sounding sort of appealing.

Then my friend Amy had four baby chicks dropped off on her doorstep and instantly she was thrown into the world of chicken raising.  Watching her clutch grow up, hearing and seeing as they grew, the idea was really starting to sound better.

Brent still wasn’t buying it….

They lay eggs! We eat eggs all the time! 
They provide great compost for the garden!
What a learning experience for all of us!

We had quite the song and dance when it came to the chicken discussions.  Multiple times the idea was tabled.  Not gonna happen.  But then…he bit.

But he wanted them WAY in the backyard where no one could see them and the coyotes would surely try and eat them.

And I wasn’t buying it…

We went back and forth and back and forth until we finally came up with a compromise.  Having done tons of research and knowing we didn’t have too many outdoor projects to complete this year, we decided to dive right in and start this year.

Two weeks later; a chicken coop (in a few boxes), a new chick heater, chicken feeder, chicken waterer and most importantly, four fuzzy baby chicks.


They arrived via air-mail and they were very noisy when we picked them up at the Post Office.  We shared a batch with Amy so after dropping her crew off at her house we quickly brought them home and introduced them to their new surroundings.  Lucy was the first to meet them and she was not-so-sure of this crazy idea.  She has since warmed up to the idea and tends to ignore the chicks all together.

  P1140473 P1140476

The first month with the chickens has been a fun learning experience.  We moved them to their new home about 2 weeks ago and they warmed to the bigger space very quickly.  They grow every single day.  Whether its longer legs, bigger feet, or more feathers the changes happen rapidly.  They LOVE people. When they hear me call “Hey Ladies!” they pace in front of the wire wall and anxiously await what I may have to give them. 

They have grown from itty bitty fuzz balls that we were scared to step on, to nearly fully feathered, beautiful tiny chickens. 
P1140479  P1140514



Resting in the sun

Enjoying a snack

P1140704   P1140706

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