Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not gonna do it.

I am not gonna title this post “Pants on the Ground”. Nope.  That would be using an overused phrase, a month beyond its 15 minutes of fame. Kind of like “A day late and a dollar short”, this would put me in the category of idiot, or worse yet loser, and I might lose a few readers, so I am just not gonna do it.

However I am going to show you what happens on a daily basis around here.   

It appears that Mikayla is having a small issue with her new found skill and speed of slithering.

  DSC07206   DSC07227

Like a set of clues to find her whereabouts, this little girl moves so fast she leaves her pants trailing behind. 

  DSC07205   DSC07197

You are probably all saying “Well, maybe you should buy her some smaller pants so they fit her better.”  She is eight months old—her pants are size 3 months. I rest my case.

DSC07230   DSC07232

So on a daily basis I change Mikayla’s diaper and get her dressed every few hours; only to have her slither her way out of  her pants minutes later, leaving our house in a constant state of having Pants on the Ground and a semi-naked baby roaming free.

**Images were not altered.  How the pants lay is how they were slithered out of :)


Kristen said...

and now that song is in my head. Thanks... :P

Abbie said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Another cute story as usual!

Sarah said...

Ha ha ha! SO funny!

Amanda Jean said...

Hahahaha! Oh my word! That is so funny! (And wow, 8 months in 3 months---she's a petite little peanut!)

Aaron Mathison said...

She must think she's a snake and is trying to shed her skin...

Cal said...


WoWo said...

so cute :)