Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It’s more than just a tree

I had visions of us plowing through the “forest” walking circles around rows and rows of pine trees until, under the shining light from above, we would proclaim that “This is it. This is our tree.”  I should know better than to go into with a planned, perfect expectation in my head..

From the minute I woke up on the day of the big Christmas tree adventure, I felt off.  I had a long weekend filled with less than normal sleep and more than normal delicious food.  I went about the day, played outside with the kids and shoveled the driveway, tried to eat lunch, addressed our Christmas cards and just tried to ignore the anger that was my gut.  When we piled into the van and headed 3 miles down the road to the tree farm, I wasn’t feeling any better.  Long story short, Brent and the kids walked around for 10 minutes before I called them back and said I needed to go home.  Brent walked down one aisle of pre-cut trees, told the employee what type he was looking for and grabbed the first one they recommended.  He strapped it to the roof and we were on our way home. 

Once we got the tree in the house and in the stand we gave him a big drink of water and let him thaw out overnight before we decorated it.  Slowly over the next 24 hours his branches began to fall and I fell in love with our tree.  I never knew there was such a place for a happy feeling when it comes to a tree…  The smell, the size, the softness of the branches, the fact that the tree is so fat it looks like it is stuffed with more branches than normal, this tree couldn’t have been a better fit for our very first Eid Family Christmas Tree. 

2011-12-04 001 001

2011-12-04 001 006

2011-12-05 002 002

When the tree was ready to be decorated, like typical kids, the girls had a blast hanging the ornaments.  They picked special spots for their ornaments and just the right branch to hold it up.

2011-12-05 003 006   2011-12-05 003 007

2011-12-05 003 009   2011-12-05 003 012

2011-12-05 003 014

Standing lit in our living room, this tree looks like it was meant to be in no other house than our own.  I am pretty sure a light was shining down on this very tree,
pointing at us to “pick me! pick me!” and I am so glad Brent did.

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