Monday, December 5, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho! No. No. No.

2011-12-02 001 002

We went to visit Santa this weekend, as per the handbook for two-year olds, Mikayla acted exactly has anticipated, she wanted absolutely nothing to do with the Jolly Man.  I had been asking her for a few days leading up to the visit if she was going to sit on his lap and she flat out told me No, so I wasn’t disappointed when she stuck to her word.

Mallory sat next to Santa talked to him for a minute or two and then told him she wanted a white dog with a purple leash.  She also agreed with him when he asked if she was being a good girl.  Our super expensive semi-professional picture shows only Mallory and Santa. Mallory is flashing her best “I know I am supposed to be okay sitting next to this bearded man, but in my book the jury is still out” look. Mikayla was doing a life-saving cling on Brent’s leg so she was unable to be photographed. 

2011-12-05 001 001

We did take one last picture to show that Mikayla was in fact with us this year.  She gave a big wave to Santa, standing safely behind the evergreen hedge.

2011-12-02 001 008

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