Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sisters. A new milestone

Mallory you are one month shy of six and Mikayla you are all of your two years.  It is two weeks before Christmas and our house is in full Holiday-Prep mode.  We are all Merry with the season…   You two are amazing little girls. 

From the minute we brought Mikayla home from the hospital, Mallory embraced her big sister role.  She never once asked for her to leave, never tried to push her away, and always wanted to help.  Mikayla continues growing up only knowing the position of the younger sister.  She has a sister she runs to if her parents put her in a timeout.  She gives an occasional “hooorraaaay!” when Mallory gets home from school.  Over the past three years their relationship has grown and changed, and recently we are seeing a real bond emerge.  Thursday morning Mikayla cried and cried because she didn’t want Mallory to go to school.  Mallory got down on her level and said “It’s okay Mikayla. I promise to play with you when I get home and then in just 2 days I get my weekend and we can play for two whole days.”  Mikayla gave a tearful “yep” and Mallory stuck to her word, playing with her that afternoon and all weekend long.  From school to daycare and bake sale to cake walks, they have played and played for the last two days.  They snuggled on the couch to watch a few Christmas classics, they giggled together while taking a bubble bath and they attended Mallory’s wedding. It was a very eventful weekend.

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Sounds just about perfect doesn’t it?

Well, I wouldn’t be who I was if I didn’t give it to you straight up.  Mallory and Mikayla, you two also have learned to fight like sisters.  A toothless blonde wanting to be in charge and a red headed two year old who just wants to do it her way--you have a recipe for a knock down brawl.  Mikayla growls and swats and Mallory screeches “I am telling mom!” 

The dynamics between the two of you, on most days, is wonderful.  The other moments during our long winter weekend days, seem slightly daunting.  I can see the crumbles begin to fall and before long you both are a mess of screeches and screams with tears following not far behind.

I’ll be honest, as I have seen it begin to unfold, I was nervous and slightly annoyed with the new milestone.  I barked at them to stop and I pleaded with each to just get along.  Quickly, I realized that this is an important step for their relationship.  It is one that they need to figure out for years and years to come.  So I am learning to step back.  I listen to make sure the swats and screams don’t turn into fist throws and bloody noses.  There are times when I will talk with each about what the “situation” was about, and then there are other times when I let a spat go un-discussed.  Sometimes one comes running to tattle and other times they move on and as quickly as it started, it is done. 

This new milestones means the depth and the strength of the sister bond that you have is growing stronger.  I hope that we are giving you the home environment that is needed to grow a relationship that will not crumble under any circumstances.  I hope you go about your days knowing that someone always has your back.  When your first boyfriend breaks your heart, I hope you crawl into bed with your sister and cry until you giggle knowing that you are much better off without that stupid boy.  I hope that when your parents rules drive you both crazy, you can stay up late and talk all about how they are out to ruin both of your lives. Go ahead, devise a game plan to break free (I dare you).  If either of you ever choose to marry, I hope the other is standing witness, even if she is the only witness you have to the union.  And when one of you finds out you are about to become a mother, I hope you pick up the phone and know exactly who deserves one of the very first phone calls. 

You two have each other for now and forever. 
Hug. Swat. Growl. Giggle.
For now and forever…

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Rachel and Brett said...

I love this post. You are so good at writing. Its been neat to follow your blog, especially since I have 2 girls as well- 3 and 1. Its nice to see a glimpse of what is coming our way! I would love to paraphrase some of it for my own blog/writing- it really hit home. Continue writing!
-Rachel "Sturm" Carroll