Friday, September 16, 2011

Yet another badge

Not only is it time to revisit the Mom Scout Badges that I talked about a few months ago, it is also time I dig out my Singer and sew on a few new badges for my vest! 

I wrote last time about earning a badge if you’ve sent your Kindergartener off to school. Badge earned.  I also believe a star should be given out each year if you watch you child drive away on the school bus: heartstrings=pulled.

Survived the first week of adjusting to the new school schedule?  Give yourself a badge.  I thought the adjustment came on the first day alone.  Wow was I ever wrong.  One week into it and I think we have it our lowest of lows.  Let’s just say I hope it is all unicorns and rainbows from here on out.

Last time, I completely brushed over the topic of badges earned when you have toddlers in your house.  Have you potty trained a toddler?  Give yourself a badge.  Conquer the feat of training a little boy?  From what I hear, you should earn a special star if you’ve succeeded in training him.

Do you grocery shop with your toddler on a semi-regular basis? You know you deserve a badge just for thinking about taking your toddler to run errands.  Extra stars are given if you have ever; A. caught your toddler climbing out of the cart or B. Used a car-cart.

Have you ever discovered some sort of rodent or reptile in your house that didn’t belong?  Give yourself a badge.  Special bragging rights go out to you if you had to physically remove the intruder by yourself or if your husband was too scared to do it himself.

Spouse travel a lot for work? Does he hunt or fish more often than you get away for a girls weekend?  Solo-parenting is the toughest job.  Give yourself a badge.  Special stars are awarded for time spent solo adding up to more than 14 days a year. 

Once again, I haven’t earned all of the above badges, nor do I hope to some day.  (read: no we are not going to “try for that baby boy” just so I can earn an “I potty trained a little boy” badge.)

I also hate to admit that I try to keep shopping with Mikayla to a minimum, therefore I don’t think I fully deserve to sew that badge on my vest.

Any new badges I should be aware of? 

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