Saturday, September 10, 2011

The State Fair

How could I forget to share our Fair pictures?  (If Kindergarten seems all consuming, how are we ever going to make it through the next 13 years and beyond!?)

We took the whole crew to an early morning outing at the fair.  Grandma loves mini donuts just as much as Mallory.  Brent needed his cheese curds.  Grandpa needed his milk shake from the dairy barn.  Kate was along to see everyone else stuff their faces.  Mikayla would have spent the entire day at the big yellow slide if I let her.  The weather was cloudy and cool—perfect fair weather if you ask me.

2011-08-30 001 007
Ok. So here’s the deal. I love the big slide. The guy who set my burlap/potato sack down set it way too close to the side and I felt like I was going to slam into the red wall the entire way down.  The thought of running into it with Mikayla on my lap was slightly unnerving.  She squealed the entire way down.  No lie.

2011-08-30 001 017
2011-08-30 001 005
2011-08-30 001 006
I need to make a confession. I really wanted to leave my two year old at home with Brent. The thought of bringing a stroller hating toddler to the fair made my stomach queasy. My dad talked me into it, telling me that she would love the fair and if 4 adults couldn’t handle a two year old for a few hours, there was something wrong with us. Point taken.

Mikayla loved the fair.  Probably was the one who enjoyed it more than any of us.  She ran the streets, waved at people as they passed, pet whatever she could get her hands on, enjoyed our food just like it was “Fair” food and almost passed out on my shoulder from all the excitement.

2011-08-30 001 001
2011-08-30 001 052
“How could you not bring her to the fair?” Was muttered by my dad. Maybe more than once.
2011-08-30 001 054

Mallory had plenty of fun at the Kidway. 
2011-08-30 001 023

Brent took one for the team so Mallory could ride her “favorite” ride-the tilt-awhirl.  He is a much better parent than me, I never would have had the guts-literally.
2011-08-30 001 041
Until next year!?!

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