Monday, September 19, 2011

Where is Mallory?

Is she right there?  Nope.
WAIT. Is she way over there?  No luck. 
Is she over by you mommy? No, not there either…

2011-09-19 001

Does Mikayla spend her lonely days looking for her sister?  Wondering, Where could she be?  Crying, I miss her so much!?

Nope.  To be totally honest, she doesn’t seem to care too much.  She is loving her sister-free days.  She does wonder if every bus she sees holds Mallory and she squeals and skips with delight when she sees Mallory’s bus come down the hill.  However, she waves her arm high and yells “BYE BYE!” when Mallory heads to school.  When the bus pulls away she is all set to play the day away.  As soon as we walked in the house today after Mallory left, she hustled to the table and started using Mallory’s “favorite” pen and notebook and scribbled away.  She is a smart little thing…

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