Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Never short of wearing our costumes time and time again, 2012 was no different.  The girls dressed up 4 different times.  Our first event took place a few weeks before Halloween at a nature reserve in Richfield.  The Lindner’s invited a group of us to go and it was so much fun.  The kids visited various spots along the trail, filling their buckets with all sorts of treats. They even had face painting and a “barn” dance!  We did not debut the 2012 costumes, so we wore costumes from year’s past.

Mikayla the elephant and Mallory the cat

Mikayla is feeding the dinosaur one of his eggs in order to get a treat.  This park had lots of odd looking creatures dressed in foam, and I am happy to report (for Disney’s sake) she was not scared!

Mallory getting her face painted—this was her highlight.

Mikayla loving up the taxidermy fox.
(She may or may not have tried to kiss him goodbye.)

Now for the costumes of 2012!
A few weeks before school started we had the unfortunate experience of having a bees nest in our chimney.  Before was all said and done, we had over 200 bees alive at one point inside of our house.  Our neighbor Dan and I killed 100 alone in a matter of minutes when I came home and discovered the nest.  Brent quickly came home from work and for the next several days we fought to kill the Queen.  One exterminator company, three different exterminators and a whole lot of white powder spray; the problem eventually was solved.  Chaos.  Brent joked with a few neighbors that he could have taken care of the whole issue if he just had a bee suit of his own.
The Halloween costume idea for 2012 was born. 


I played the part of a 50’s housewife, with my fly swatter in hand, for a few parties.


We celebrated with Kendra (Cinderella) and Hailey on Saturday with the Eid’s. 
Once again, Kentucky was missed!!


The annual Moehring and Jovle party was on Sunday at the Moehring’s new place!  The kids were super cute and Brent, well, he had to be in a few of the pictures too.
Sienna (Minnie Mouse), Mallory, Ellie (Cinderella), Molly (Pumpkin), Mikayla, and Brent. These pictures are going to be “classics” in years to come.  Next year, Baby Jovle 2 will be in the mix!


We carved pumpkins on Tuesday night. Mallory was able to do her own carving (until the knife broke) and Mikayla was very specific in her directions on her face.  She wanted “two eyes, with eye balls, one round nose, a mouth with one teeth and ears”.  Brent did his best to help carve to her standards.

P1130414    P1130422 


As soon as Mallory got home from school on Halloween we put the kids (and Brent) in costume and headed to Grandma Crandall’s.  The kids walked around each of the tables as the residents ate and said Happy Halloween and “trick or treated”.
P1130431  P1130432

When it was finally dark and we were ready to head out we were joined with Megan and her friend Paige. They came with us for the night and the girls were thrilled.  By the time we got home their buckets were nearly overflowing and they were exhausted.


Until next year!

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