Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall 2012

I know the posts are becoming fewer and farther between and just when I think life will slow down, another batch of to-do’s, projects, and events fill up our calendar and we are left wondering where time has gone.  Never fear, my camera is still loaded with memories and I intend to remember them just the same.

The school year is in full swing and both the girls are in a groove.  Mallory still loves school and is great student.  If I can’t brag about her in my own writings, then where can I?  She continues to show us that she is made for school. She is an outstanding reader.  She can pick up any book and read, complete with fluency, the entire thing.  I still sit in amazement when she does just this.  I love it.  She breezes through her day and proclaims when she gets home that she has had a good day.  Her favorite subjects are always “Art and Recess”.  She gets most bored with “Math”.  Her newest endeavor is becoming a Daisy Scout.  She is in a small troop combined with Kindergartners and 1st Graders.  The whole thing brings back many memories from when I was in Girl Scouts.  So far she seems to be enjoying the whole thing from treat buckets, to craft projects and badge earning. She fits right in.

Mikayla’s weekday mornings are jam packed with 3 year old fun.  She attends preschool on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.  She is eager to sing her songs when I pick her up, as well as rat out any friends that got in trouble.  When I stand and watch after I drop her off, I marvel at how well she fits right in and plays with her friends….I also can’t believe how she can be a head shorter than every single kid in her class.  She looks like a two year old amongst 3 and 4 year olds.  She is making tremendous strides in her language expression.  We are understanding almost everything that comes out of her mouth…and trust me she talks enough for all of us, so there is a lot to understand.  Today she told me “I am using good words today mommy!”  She is so smart…hours earlier she uttered “Mommy you have a big butt.”  And just like that, I love three year olds.  Thursday mornings we attend a Bible class.  She is learning about the Story of God beside other 3 year olds.  The knowledge that she is retaining blows my mind. 

I thought the new school year would bring a few hours of peace as both girls are gone Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, and though they are gone and the house is peaceful, I find that I am rarely here to enjoy it.  I cram as many errands as I can into my Monday mornings to wrap up things before our weekend starts.  I volunteer at Mallory’s school on Wednesday mornings helping out her teacher in whatever ways and getting to know her classmates. It’s been a lot of fun. By Friday I am doing whatever last minute things that need to get done before Brent heads back to work.  Needless to say, I am finding no time to fall to boredom…

In our spare time we’ve tried to pack in as many fall activities as possible.  The apple orchard did not disappoint and we found out that the best time to go is after school during the middle of the week.  Our group of friends had the place to ourselves which was a nice change to a typical crazy busy place. 

P1130204  P1130214

We’ve tried to jump in as many leaf piles as the weather would allow and found that the best part about leaf jumping is probably just throwing at each other…

P1130193  P1130222

P1130358  P1130369

Jaime, Tom and Kendra welcomed baby Hailey to the family on 10.4.12.  She is beautiful, has a head full of black hair, and is fitting in perfectly with the family.  My kids (and me, who am I kidding!) are smitten over her.  Mallory holds her like a big kid, supporting her head and body in the right places—she looks so old and mature with a baby in her arms.  Mikayla is most eager to inspect her tiny features.  Yes, I know, it sounds like I have baby fever as I watch my kids with another baby…this too shall pass. 

P1130307    P1130317

And that ends the long recap regarding some of the fall fun we’ve been having.  We are anxious to get some home projects completed as the cooler weather has put our outdoor chores to bed for the winter.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, DISNEY! and Christmas are all to come…I love traditions and cannot wait to see how this year unfolds.

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