Monday, November 5, 2012

Book Reading

                                  You warmed my heart this morning…

   You were both reading books on the couch.  Mikayla you were browsing through pictures and Mallory you were deep in one of your favorite chapter book series.  This went on for over 20 minutes and Mikayla, you finally had enough.  You walked up to Mallory and said “Ma-wa-weee, you read me this book please?”  Mallory, you were really into a good book, and you looked as though you were going to quickly say no…then you said “Ok. Climb up here!”

   Mikayla you let out a big “Yeah!!!”  and climbed up next to your big sister and listened intently.  Mallory you read effortlessly until it was time to head to school. 

   In that moment I was so proud. Mallory, not just because you could pick up a book and read, we know full well that you are capable.  I was proud of both of you for the bond being strengthened will not easily be shattered.  I was proud of the respect to each other that was used.  They way you sat, nearly on top of each other, nestled in a book together.  You are both so young, and you already know what its like to never forget what it means to be a sister.  Just two hours earlier, on our 5th day of our “30 Days of Thanks” you both gave thanks for “sisters” and it was proven that you too are grateful for each other.  In that moment, on a dreary Monday morning, it was all I needed to brighten my day.  Do me a big favor, and when the going gets rough and you are at each other’s throat, you look back and remember these moments…

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