Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sprouts and Such

The garden is in full swing and I am lovin it!  That spot has become one of my happy places.  For the most part, all the plants are coming in hearty and healthy. 

If I had to pick a favorite plant, it would have to be the corn.  Brent has wanted corn since the first time we grew veggies in the garden but he was turned down because we didn’t have the space to plant the block we needed for cross pollination.  We have a big plot this year, and there is plenty of room.  The corn went in and came up looking just like grass.  It took only a few weeks for the stalks to become thick and for the look to take place.  It grows so fast and has been so fun to watch grow.

2012-06-11 001 016
2012-06-11 001 002

The potatoes have been the most hearty and continue to grow into healthy looking bushy potato plants.  Time will only tell as we can’t see the vegetables until fall when we harvest the potatoes.  We had a small invasion of a potato bug—which is very common, but can ruin the plants.  Never fear, we caught it quickly and put some “leave us alone bug” dust on the plants.  Crisis.Averted. Hopefully

2012-06-11 001 004  2012-06-11 001 003
Our tomato plants are flowering like crazy and we even have a few small tomatoes starting to grow.  It still is amazing that I put a teeny tiny tomato seed into a container 4 months ago and now its about to pay off!

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