Friday, June 22, 2012

Had Me A Blast

Summer Lovin.

She trotted down the steps of the school bus just over two weeks ago.  She was so sad that her school days were over for the summer.  She said, “All the teachers lined up on the curb when the buses were driving away and waved.  It was so sad.”  Great, I thought to myself.  How am I ever going to make summer break live up to the love and excitement she had for each day of school?  I was, and of course still am, determined to not make summer vacation a three month journey packed full of so much stuff that she forgets what its like to be a kid who has an imagination, a love of the outdoors, and thoroughly enjoys picking up a book to read.  So we are doing summer vacation the only way I know how—like it was when I was a kid.  Summer break circa 1991.  Playing with friends, heading to the library, the cabin, the backyard for a picnic, and up the street to knock on a neighbors door, hoping she’ll play a game of checkers. 

Starting off our summer break on the last day of school. 
2012-06-06 001 001

Fill up a bucket of water, give each kid a paintbrush and let the fun begin.  The kids played for hours (literally) with one bucket of water.  Mikayla painted her daddy.  The resemblance is incredible.
2012-06-05 001 001

We are making Sandy Lake a priority this summer.  We put it on the calendar several times and the first visit proved to show us that boat rides, mud pies, netting big sunfish, jumping off the dock (when its only 67 degrees outside) and sister sleepovers (or pretending to sleep)—those are the days that make summer memories.  It happens on 100 feet of lakeshore, inside a cabin that is 700 square feet and requires us to be completely unplugged.

2012-06-13 002 007

2012-06-13 002 003

2012-06-12 002 013

2012-06-12 002 004

Once again we put ourselves on a park tour.  Hitting up as many different playgrounds we can pack into our lazy summer mornings or afternoons.  Mallory is taller and braver and playgrounds bring a whole new set of adventures. 
Like swinging…
2012-06-21 001 014
…and then JUMPING off into mid air. 
What? Who allowed her to grow up?
2012-06-21 001 017

A big day in Mallory’s world took place on the second day of summer vacation.  I took her to the library and she was issued her very own library card.  She about died when she was able to check out 10 books she had never read before.  The next set of car rides-including one that lasted 45 minutes were absolutely silent.  Insert:HEAVEN. 

2012-06-07 002 001

Our first two weeks have come and gone.
I know the honeymoon phase is near an end and I am about to enter the really challenging time of keeping everyone occupied and sane.  But I know all too well, that September looms, the bus will come down the hill and pick up my first grader and I will pack up my red head into the van and drive to her very first day of preschool… 
I think I’ll concentrate in living in the moment for the next 2.5 months. 

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