Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Strike a Pose

On Saturday you both found a pair of sunglasses. 
I quickly grabbed the camera and asked you both to “strike a pose”.

2012-03-31 002 001

Mallory knew what to do and immediately started giggling and posing for the camera. Hands on her hips, flipping her hair from side to side, and smiling with a smirk of Hollywood, she knew what to do. 
Mikayla on the other hand, had no idea how to find her pose

2012-03-31 002 002

She giggled (a lot), smiled very wide, and tried to copy some of her sisters moves. Then when I said “okay, find your favorite pose and strike it. One. Two. Three!” 
She quieted, cocked her head, and gave me the most serious face I have ever seen.
I about died.

2012-03-31 002 003


Amy said...

this post really makes me smile! so cute! what fun girls you have!

Amanda Jean said...

Oh my goodness...look at that serious model face! And look at Mallory's model hip action!