Thursday, April 12, 2012


Mallory and I boarded a plane for a quick three day trip to visit Craig, Molly, Caleb and Ava in their new home state of Kentucky.  Mallory was giddy with excitement to see her cousins, their neighborhood, their school, their backyard, their house….she wouldn’t stop talking about how excited she was. 

Not only was I excited to see where they moved to and what their new life was like, I was equally excited to spend a few days with just Mallory. 

Our days did not disappoint and we had a loads of fun.  We saw everything we needed to see and left with our cousin fun tank filled to the brim.  Too many pictures to share in one post, so enjoy the slideshow below!

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Abbie said...

What a special trip for mom & daughter! She will remember that forever. And the pic of you two is adorable!