Saturday, March 24, 2012

The early girl gets the worm

I knew the day would come, and I waited with excitement for the right moment.  The bus came down the hill, picked up Mallory at the end of the drive way and the spring morning gave way to a warm gentle rain.  When I stepped outside I could smell the rain—and the moment.  The worms!  I knew they would be wiggly and I had a hunch Mikayla was going to love every last squiggly little worm. 

She put her coat on and was very excited to run around in the rain.  She was also very excited that her coat had a hood.

2012-03-22 001 003

Mikayla! Come here! Mommy found a worm!
Werm? Huh? I touch dat?
You bet you can touch it!  You can pick it up.  Just pinch it.

2012-03-22 001 008

Oh! Dat werm moved. Ohhhh…
Clearly the first wiggle spooked her.
However, it wasn’t enough to send her running.

2012-03-22 001 009

It’s ok. Just pinch it. You can grab it!
Gwabb it? Okay. Gwab it.

2012-03-22 001 011

I got dat werm!  Mommy see! I got dat werm!
You got him!!

2012-03-22 001 013

And then we put on rubber boots and found a bucket.  She splashed through puddles on the lookout for as many worms as she could find.  It took us three worms before we were introduced to the night crawler, completely unfazed she pinched each one and tossed it in the bucket. 

Side note: night crawlers, swimming through puddles, look like baby snakes. Shiver.

She went on picking up worm after worm until the rain let up. She then insisted that she bring the bucket of worms inside to show her daddy. I put my foot down and said absolutely not. We compromised on letting the worms stay in the bucket in the garage. When Mallory got home from school the bucket of worms was the first thing Mikayla showed her.  Mallory, (after being instructed not to throw a big “gross fest” at Mikayla’s hot find) simply said “Uh no thanks. I don’t want to hold one of your worms.”
2012-03-22 001 020

2012-03-22 001 015   2012-03-22 001 018

   2012-03-22 001 019

It was a great day to watch the world through Mikayla’s eyes. 

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