Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break 2012

We had tons of fun on Spring Break.  We had a little bit of busy and little bit of rest.  Sprinkled amongst were a few new changes around the house. We spent as many waking hours as we could outside as temps topped the upper 70’s for most of the week. 

We made home made crayons!  This was serious business.  Peel all of the crayons. Break any full ones in half. Smash the heck out of them (insert:great tool for stressed out moms).  Place in greased mini muffin tins and bake at 250 for 10 minutes.
2012-03-09 001 001
Watch your kids faces light up!  Okay. Honest moment. The kids LOVED this project. However they refused to look up at the camera.  So I begged asked for them to show me an “excited” face.  And below is what I got…
2012-03-09 001 012   2012-03-09 001 010

One highlight of the week was Tuesday.  I took Mallory back to Harbor Preschool.  She was so excited and a little bit nervous. When she walked in the class treated her like a Queen.  They asked all sorts of questions about Kindergarten. She read one book she brought from home and when that was done a handful of kids brought more books to read.  She  She looked and acted more mature than I have ever seen
2012-03-13 002 006

We saw Grandma and Grandpa a few extra times and even took a walk across the bridge and around the pond.  Mikayla was not okay with the wobbly bridge and immediately wanted back in the stroller. Bitty might love bugs and creepy crawlers, but if she is on unsure ground, get her to safety. Immediately.
2012-03-16 001 002

One little red head said “Goodbye!” to her crib.  In doing so, we said see ya later to her drab “just wait until she gets a big girl bed room” and hello to a super cute, perfectly fit for Mikayla, bedroom.  Final pictures to follow when all the ends get tied up…
2012-03-14 002 002   2012-03-14 001 004

With beautiful weather we spent lots of time exploring the big backyard. This week we ventured all the way back to the pine forest.  The girls are sitting under huge pine trees that were transplanted in the yard when they were knee high.  They came all the way from my great grandparents cabin in Siren Wisconsin.  
2012-03-18 001 005

We hit the fun-day jackpot when we met up with Kristen, Ellie and Molly and Kristen and Sienna.  We spent the morning playing hard at the park and then the kids devoured Wendy’s kids meals. Oh and holding hands while walking—besides emptying hands so they were available to hold, it was completely unprovoked.
curb   walk

We finished out Sunday and spring break with a double tree climb. When the kids hit the sheets Sunday night they were scrubbed clean and exhausted. 2012-03-18 001 012

I now have 2 months to prepare for Summer Vacation…I best rest while I can.

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