Friday, January 6, 2012

Mallory’s Day

Mallory chose Mall Of America for her afternoon of birthday fun.  We picked her up early from school (which she loves) and headed to the Mall.  She wanted to ride a few rides and, out of a few options, chose to go to Build A Bear for her birthday gift.

Check it out! Two kids and two smiles!
This was the third attempt. First-they were looking at the rollercoaster.
Second-Mal was jumping in the picture.

2012-01-04 001 003

Once each of the rides started, Mikayla loved it.  The anticipation was almost enough for her to want to get the heck off the ride and watch from the sidelines.
2012-01-04 001 0082012-01-04 001 010

2012-01-04 001 019

Brent, stuffed into the Mini Dora Train-
worth the three tickets it took each kid to ride the train.
2012-01-04 001 029

The balloons were my favorite ride (insert:Lame Mom).  I had visions of us four all riding in the same balloon.  Giggling, smiling, letting the wind blow through our hair.  Smash. Only one adult per balloon…stupid rule.  Pretty sure I weigh less than some 11 year olds, but I didn’t want to argue in front of the kids. 
2012-01-04 001 033     2012-01-04 001 034

And check this out…Mallory rides the real big kid rides!  She loved every twist, spin and drop on the rollercoaster at the mall.  Brent looks like he’s say “Chaaa Right” circa 1994, let’s hope he was pointing out the camera to Mallory.
2012-01-04 001 036

After the rides it was off to Build a Bear.  Mallory quickly picked out a sprinkle bear—who she fittingly calls Cupcake.  Mikayla, unsure of the whole process would have been content without an animal.
After giving her option after option, she chose a cat or “mee-oww”.  
2012-01-04 001 040     2012-01-04 001 044

We finished the night at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  This is her 6th Birthday and this is the 3rd year we have enjoyed BWW for dinner.  She loves the macaroni and cheese with a chocolate milk to wash it all down.

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Tom, Jaime, Kendra said...

Wow, busy day, but sounds like so much fun! Can't believe she is 6 already.