Friday, January 13, 2012

Hitchin’ a ride

We brought the trike out in hopes of Mikayla learning to pedal before spring.
How fun will walks be this spring?!  Wahooo!
Mallory still loves her pink trike. Though her knees knock the handle bars every time she pedals, she still zips around the couch and island just like she learned to do 3 years ago.
I thought Mikayla was going to stomp her feet and growl when Mallory took over the pedals, but once again she proved me wrong.

2012-01-13 001 017

She giggled.  “Bop Mawawee!” (Stop Mallory).  Mallory stopped and Mikayla climbed aboard. Just like she had done it time and time again,
she held on and screeched WEEEEEE!! 

2012-01-13 001 018

They pedaled and played right up until bedtime.  They attempted multiple different ways of doubling up on the trike.  The trunk method proved to be the most successful. 

2012-01-13 001 019

The house erupted in laughter and I loved every minute of it. 
We did have one head bump, as Mikayla tried to “ski” behind the trike on a blanket she slipped and bumped her forehead on the ground.  She fussed, rubbed her head, got back up and said “Weady Mawawee. Go!”

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