Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Six. What?

She is six today. 
Mallory has been spinningincircles excited over the fact that she turns six! TODAY! 

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If I could bottle up Mallory on the morning of her sixth birthday it would contain;

A bunch of smiles.  She leaves excited to take on each day.  She usually wakes with a smile and a good morning.  As long as she is kept busy, she is happy to be involved with whoever is willing to include her.

A toothless grin and two more wiggly teeth eager to join.  Her top teeth are taking their sweet time coming in and her other teeth are getting inpatient waiting.  Once again, her look is about to change and eating is about to take on a whole new adventurous level when two more fall out.

A teeny bit of caution.  She is showing us an awareness to things around her.  Gone are the days we could carry on a conversation of something unrelated without her catching on.  Her current fear is chocking on food or food going down the “wrong pipe”.  Meal time is taking much much longer as she nibbles on her food like a bird all in hopes of it travelling down the correct pipe.

A true and great friend.  She loves her friends.  She talks about a handful of girls in her class and she spends weekend afternoons with a neighbor up the street.  This weekend we will host our first ever “Kid Birthday Party”.  The theme will be princesses and we plan on painting finger nails and coloring a princess craft to take home. 

A pinch of sass.  She’s been known to roll her eyes and say “I know that already, mom.”  She has yet to scream and run away yelling truly hateful words about us…but I am sure that day will come soon enough. 

An eager learner.  Her love of learning is evident in everything she does.  She has been inquisitive since the days she figured out “how come” carried on a conversation.  Her teacher boasts about her ability to read, quickly catch on, and (maybe more than once) has said she could run the classroom if Mrs. Hoel were ever gone. 

A bunch of speed.  When she wants to be done with a certain task (brushing teeth, making her bed, finishing more than one school assignment) she can rush rush rush until it is done.  “Take your time.”  Is frequently stated before she sits down to do homework.  I can see it in her, she just wants to see what is next.  Never wanting to be left behind…

A great big heart. Unless over tired, she is extremely even tempered.  She is a happy little girl, who goes along with almost anything.  She helps with her sister, teaching and encouraging her along the way.  It is not unusual to hear her reading a book to Mikayla, giving her a “good job Mikayla!” or the occasional “THAT’S MINE! GIVE IT BACK!!”

She changed this year.  Sure, every year brings on some sort of change as we grow, but this year she crossed over the bridge and became a little girl.  She left behind her preschool years and she matured.  She knows to look both ways, she knows to put her helmet on before riding her bike.  She knows to say please and thank you.  She can brush her teeth without being watched.  She watches over to make sure her sister is on the right track and most of the time does a great job at helping Mikayla when help is needed.  She really is a young teacher.  Willing to help out, eager to be included and accepting of the praise that follows. 

Happy 6th Birthday Mallory!  Thanks for a world changing six years and for being one of the best daughters a mom could ask for.

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