Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mission Tradition is back

Two years ago I started thinking long and hard about how I wanted the holidays to feel in our home.  We had our family completed and Mallory was just at the age where she was starting to understand what the holidays were all about.  Among other things, I started the tradition of Brightwing.  He is our Book Elf.  He travels all the way from the North Pole to bring out our Christmas books for us to read for the season.  This year, when our small tree was put up, and as we anticipate the big “real” tree we will cut down in a few days, Mallory asked if Brightwing was going to come.  She loves reading, and she could not wait for him to come and leave the books for her to read. (I was beyond thrilled that she remembered this tradition! We are helping her build the memories and traditions that make this season what it is all about…)

Her anticipation grew as a few days went by before Brightwing came to visit. When she woke up this morning and walked into the family room her mouth dropped open like it was Christmas morning.  HE CAME!  HE CAME!!  BRIGHTWING CAME!  She was so excited. She didn’t know what to look at first.  He not only dropped of our Christmas books and coloring books, he also decorated our mantel with brand new stockings.  She was in awe and I loved it. 

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Next to one of the new books he left letters for both of the girls:

Dear Mallory,
We at the North Pole are so proud of you! Santa and I have been watching you. You really love Kindergarten! You have been a very good girl. Remember to continue to practice patience and be grateful for all that you have and all of those people who love you.
Love, Brightwing

Dear Mikayla,
Merry Christmas! You are working really hard at sharing your toys and playing with your big sister. Santa and I see how hard you are working at being the best 2 year old you can. Keep up the good work! Oh and Santa is not scary! Go ahead and sit on his lap—he wants to know what you want for Christmas!
Love, Brightwing

Mallory read her whole letter (by herself, stumbling only on patience and grateful) and said, “Ohhh they do see me at school.”  When she moved to Mikayla’s she said, “This has to be for Mikayla because it does not say anything about Kindergarten”. 

The Brightwing tradition is here to stay. They spent the better part of the afternoon, after school, paging through Christmas books. Watching Mallory attempt to read “Silent Night” to Mikayla, ranked right up there as a big warm fuzzy moment. Even when the girls know that Brightwing only exists in their imaginations, he will still show up a few days after the tree goes up, each and every year…

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Amanda Jean said...

I love the comment about it being Mikayla's because it doesn't say anything about Kindergarten... :)