Thursday, September 8, 2011

Your first day

Today you took the big yellow bus and went to Kindergarten. To say it was one of those proud parenting moments is an understatement.  You are our oldest so these milestones we forge thru together.  The first time for all of us.  The night before Kindergarten you had a very hard time falling asleep.  You kept coming out to tell your dad and I that you were just too excited to fall asleep.  We sympathized with you, as this feeling brought your dad and I right back to the butterflies we felt the night before our first days of school.  You woke up bright and early (dressed by 6:30 am) on your first day.  Your outfit was picked out days before and you felt and looked so pretty.  Your purple backpack was packed with supplies and your princess lunch box was packed with a peanut butter sandwich, carrots, grapes, Cheetos and one Oreo cookie.  (Depending on when you read this, you may roll your eyes) I also put a napkin with a little note that read “I LOVE U!” 

2011-09-08 001 002

You willingly posed for many pictures. In fact I had to tell you that we had taken enough.  You wanted to make sure we didn’t forget this most unforgettable day. You posed by yourself, with your little sister, with your dog, with your family, and in front of the bus.  All with smiles as wide as the ocean is deep. 

2011-09-08 001 008 2011-09-08 001 0112011-09-08 001 013

When the bus barreled down the hill, and the yellow lights began to flash, I was taken aback.   This day changed your life forever.  This was the largest stepping stone you have taken and this one you took all by yourself.  The door of that bus opened and you walked up the steps all by yourself.  When it drove away, tears streamed down my cheeks.  This moment will never be forgotten. 

2011-09-08 001 0142011-09-08 001 0152011-09-08 001 016

The three of us that didn’t climb on the bus, carried on with our day.  There was a not moment that I didn’t glance at the clock and wonder “I wonder what they are doing right now”.  I waited for the bus for 25 minutes, because I was so excited to see your smiling face when you bounded down the bus stairs.  When you did get off the bus, big hugs later, I wanted to hear every detail of the day.  You, on the other hand, only wanted to eat a snack. You were exhausted after a full day of new adventures.  Eventually you opened up and told me that you had three friends from “Kindergarten Here We Come” in your class and that you didn’t like how you had to sit so much throughout the day.  Recess was your favorite part, as well as drawing on the erase board with markers. 

2011-09-08 003 006

Today, your first day of school is over.  You are more than ready to go back tomorrow and I have no doubt you will conquer Kindergarten with a smile each and every day!


Amy said...

I have been waiting and waiting for this post! I dont even know Mallory but you are such a good writer that I feel like I know her and I found myself getting teary eyed reading this. way to go Mallory and mommy and daddy. I am going to be a puddle on Linnea's first day.I am excited to hear all the kindergarten stories this year and of course how lil Mikayla enjoys her solo mommy time!

Sarah said...

Tears here! What a huge milestone captured perfectly :)