Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our life has been anything but dull…

The last weeks of summer are slipping away and I am finding myself left numb and exhausted at the end of each day.  August has been a whirl wind of activity.  Birthdays, kitchen remodel, party hopping (in the non-drunk good way), gearing up for the school year.  My camera took a back seat, often times being left behind, leaving me to beg and borrow from others who did a better job of capturing the moments. 

August wrap up, quick version…
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We celebrated Mikayla’s 2nd birthday three times.  The girl was beyond spoiled.  She, fittingly, shared one of her parties with Kendra.  Watching them listen to “Happy Birthday" being sung and attempting to blow out candles was lots of fun.  I cannot believe two years ago they were teeny little babies, eyeing each other up from across a blanket.

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Mikayla’s “Crandall” party turned out to be more of a cuddle party then anything else.  She was sick.  Feverish and clingy.  She went from lap to lap, partying in her jammies, and briefly perked up to open a few presents.

We also celebrated her birthday with a Sparkle.  Best friends, little kids, and great food we started a new tradition. I love traditions.  Kristen did a great wrap up on her blog with some fun pictures of the girls.  Our next sparkle comes tonight when Sienna turns one.  What a year.  That little girl become a family favorite from the day she was born. Her smile is super contagious at the young age of one. 

The next sparkle on the calendar belongs to a very special soon to be baby girl Moehring.  She is due in early September and the big question is, will she be blonde or brunette? I cannot wait to find out!

August 20th we threw a Going Away party for Craig, Molly, Caleb and Ava. If you’ve been a reader for a long time, you know change and I don’t get along very well.  This move is so well deserved for Craig who has worked hard at the onset of his new prestigious career.  However, it brings a move over 700 miles away from family.  The kids took it in stride.  Mallory made comments like “I can’t wait to see them on the computer when they live in Kentucky”  They hugged goodbye and off they went on their separate ways.  If only I had the resilience of a 5 year old.  When it came for my turn to say goodbye—open the flood gates, it was tough.  Pulling myself together, I rested in the thought that everyone is healthy, taking great steps in their lives, and we will see them as soon as time allows. 

When Sunday rolled around and a couple of extremely busy weeks were over, I figured I should let my mind start to think about the big yellow bus that is set to come rolling down our street at 8:39 AM every morning in just a few weeks.  Her school supplies are all purchased, her bus schedule is set in stone.  It is all sinking in.  She is beyond ready.  She wants to go so badly, and I am hopeful, she will have an easy time with the transition.  Let’s just get that first day when she climbs up the bigger than life school bus steps and I can move on with life with a Kindergartener.

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