Sunday, August 14, 2011

Double Bubble Tubbie

We had an eventful Friday morning visiting a local Coin Carnival with some friends. From hot dogs to funky hair spray and puppet shows to temper tantrums, by the time Friday afternoon rolled around I was done.  The girls were dirty from head to toe including some very vibrant hair spray and it was inevitable that a good scrub down was needed.

To turn my mood around, I decided to fill up the tub with the new Elmo Bubbles that Mikayla got from Ellie for her birthday.  Typical bath fun—super sized!

Mallory makes a mean Santa beard
2011-08-12 001 001

In fact, at times it was borderline creepy. (Click to enlarge-though you’ve been warned)
2011-08-12 001 007

Mikayla wanted nothing to do with bubbles on her face, but thought adding bubbles to Mal’s face was super funny.
2011-08-12 001 017

Yeah-bubbles in the tub and Mikayla didn’t poop!
2011-08-12 001 022

It helped my mood for the remainder of the day.  Not gonna lie though, bedtime was glorious Friday night.

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