Friday, August 27, 2010

Sienna Eve

Way back in the beginning of February I posted this about the Jovle’s expecting their first baby in August. Well, the countdown continued, the gender was discovered (girl!), the showers were thrown, the nursery was painted, and the real waiting started.  Kristen’s due date came and went.  Finally at 41 weeks 3 days, Sienna Eve entered the world.  When I talked to Kristen, a mere 3 hours after she was born, I could hear a change in her voice.  It was subtle, and if you aren’t (lucky enough to be) a parent, you probably would have missed it.  She was smitten.  Already.  She oooed at her tiny features… It was so fun to hear.  I visited them in the hospital and was able to fill my newborn baby tank to the brim.  I can’t wait for many more opportunities to snuggle with this little peanut…



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