Monday, December 21, 2009

Mikayla and Kendra

The following post does not contain actual thoughts or words. The below are just expressions that, though might be nerdy, made me and Mallory laugh pretty hard. Because I only believe in putting artifical words into my own baby's mouth and not others, the following thoughts are Mikayla's only. Kendra played no part, except looking incredibly cute :)

Hey! Check out my baby legs! Aren't they kickin'!! My cuz' is coming over later and I have a great idea...just wait!

Ok Kendra you got the plan down? Slammin'!

This secret handshake is great...It works way better now that we are more coordinated. Like last time, I think you punched me in the face. But I am totally over it. Really I am.

I think they are getting ready for the photo shoot. Do you remember the plan? Here we go!
Ok you look away and I'll smile.

Now its your turn. You look at the camera and I'll look away. This is so great. Look at how crazy they are getting trying to have us both look and smile.

Ok now let's both look up. Just remember DON'T smile. Man.
They are really looney over us two babies.

Last one. I'll smile really big but I won't look at the camera, oh it's going to be so great. You can choose your own pose. Kendra! The top of the head shot! I LOVE IT!

I guess we better give them at least one with two smiles. They did work awfully hard and said a bunch of really silly things...
Kendra, you and me better stick together I think we are definitely going to cause some trouble over the next couple years.


Sarah said...

Ha ha ha! So cute :) Putting words to babies is one of my favorite things to do too! Although, it is pretty great once they start talking on their own too :)

Cullen, Jen and Avery said...


Tom, Jaime, Kendra said...

I totally believe that is what Mikayla was thinking.