Sunday, August 28, 2011

Snake Farm

Ray Wylie Hubbard sings a song called Snake Farm.  The lyrics go something along the lines of:

Snake Farm – it just sounds nasty
Snake Farm – well it pretty much is
Snake Farm – it's a reptile house
Snake Farm – Uuuggghhhhh......

Have you ever heard the song before?  Yeah, me neither.  That is until (fittingly) Thursday night while my dad, sister and I waited at the State Fair for the Reba and Ronnie Dunn concert to start.  The song made us all laugh really hard…and this is why:

Amanda came over to watch the kids (concert, remember?).  A few minutes after she arrived, Lucy had to go potty.  This was the first time Amanda had been at our new house, so we all trucked downstairs to let Lucy out so she could see where Lucy does her business.  I walked down the long hallway, entered the unfinished part of the basement and pulled the light string to turn on the light.  I walked to the double doors and just as I was about to open the door, I saw him.  “Oh. Hi, Mr. Snake”  Imagine my horror, and my attempt at hiding such horror as both of the girls are with me, when I see a SNAKE IN MY HOUSE.  This is not okay.  Amanda and I went around and around (quickly) with how to get the little (but too big to be IN MY HOUSE) snake out.  Finally, he decided to slither under the door and head for safety.  He was out.  I felt a teeny bit better. Amanda, are you ever coming back to watch the kids after the snake scare?

Friday came and Brent set out on a mission to fix the door and seal it as to not allow any more snakes inside.  My dad suggested a spray foam under the flashing of the door to seal up the spot where we thought the ONE snake was coming in.  Can we just say that snakes inside your house is about the sickest thing.ever. Blechhh. 

2011-08-26 001 002Brent also knew the bottom seals of the door were rotten and needed to be changed.  When he unscrewed the bottom seal. Icannoteventypethewords.  THREE SNAKES.  Along with a partial snake skin.  They were living in the door!

2011-08-26 001 004
2011-08-26 001 006
Mallory was quick to ask what we were going to do with the snakes.  Now, normally I pride myself on being truthful, but gentle when it comes to harsh reality.  I don’t think I skipped a breath when I told Mallory. After Brent sealed everything up, he ended  up setting them free far far from the door. 

Anybody up for an overnight visit to the snake farm?


Amanda Jean said...


Oh my goodness. IN the door. That makes perfect sense, now!

"Amanda, what do I do? Do I just pick it up and throw it out the door?" (gulp)

I shall return :) A-I love your family, remember? B-I'm not scared of snakes. Okay, that was a complete and total utter LIE, but I HAVE been exposed to enough snakes to keep from passing out in their presence. I refrained from telling you at the time that there have been multiple indoor incidents at my parents' house...including one similar to yours. The wood was not on the ledge in the dining room due to a remodel. If you haven't seen a ledge without the wood on it before...there's a layer of plastic under the wood and there, under the plastic, crept Mr. Snake. While my aunt, who is absolutely terrified of snakes (I mean...jump up on the chair and leave as soon as she was brave enough to get down terrified) was standing by. My sister Kelsey was much like Mikayla when she was younger, and once brought 2 intertwined snakes from my parents' yard and dangled them over my sleeping father's face. And once upon a time, a rather peculiar and possibly dangerous huge orange snake was slightering alongside the patio door. Yep. Snakes.

Now...I said I'd come back. I DIDN'T say I'd do so without waders, gloves, one of those "reacher and grabber" things, my parents' dog Lady, and stilts. That much remains to be determined :)

Abbie said...

Ohhhh my!! I would have flipped!

Sarah said...


Sara Sylvester said...

I WOULD HAVE DIED! I turn into a ridiculous mess around snakes. Glad you got it figured out.