Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To-Do or Not To-Do

We are trying to remember to have fun and not slave the day away to our house hold projects.  Our lists grow ever longer and the days seem never long enough.  We are one short week away from being completely done with the kitchen (crossing our fingers the tile backsplash goes without a hitch).  We need fresh paint just about everywhere, but the weather has been too nice to open cans of paint and roll the afternoon away.  I make it sound like it’s easy to stare at my projects day in and day out, not doing a thing to cross them off my list, but this is far from true.  It drives me almost off-my-rocker crazy, but I do know that winter is long in this State.  Very very long (and cold and windy and snowy and long).  When the snow flies and I feel cooped up, a fresh coat of paint and a “completed” room will feel pretty darn satisfying.  Right?!? 

For now I share our memories of what makes this place feel so right.  Space. Space to run, roam, climb and smile. 

2011-08-10 001 020
2011-08-10 001 023
2011-08-10 001 021
2011-08-10 001 035

A personal fav. 
See that smirk…”Mikayla we don’t chew on pebbles…”
2011-08-10 001 037

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