Saturday, April 2, 2011

I only nag for a reason

Mallory was at school.  Brent left for work and Mikayla toddled upstairs to wave to him as his fancy silver ride drove up the hill.  After waving goodbye to her Daddy, Mikayla’s squeals of delight stopped and it became quiet.  Too quiet.  If you are a mom, you know the theymustbedoingsomethingtheyshouldnt kind of quiet.   I went upstairs, walked into our bedroom and saw that the closet door was wide open.

If I have nagged Brent once, I have nagged him a thousand times to please keep the closet door shut.

And this is why.


“Mama!” she yelled with excitement!



Our days are filled with such excitement.

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Aaron Mathison said...

I have the same 'too quiet' occurrences with our kittens. Usually it means they're devising a new way to break into a jewelry box to play with the 'toys'. I know if I haven't seen them for 1/2 hour or more they're probably up to no good.