Thursday, March 3, 2011

She can rock the Elmo slippers


At almost 19 months Mikayla is cruising right along the Toddler Highway.

She loves Elmo.  Whenever she sees him, no matter where we are, she screams at the top of her lungs MO MO!!   Even when window shopping during walks at the mall she is all about detecting her beloved red monster friend.

She is very slowly growing a bigger vocabulary.  When Mallory turned one and started talking, she never stopped.  I knew that my second child would never compare with her chatterbox of a big sister so this comes as no surprise.  However, I long for the days that the “baa’s and daa’s” turn into the “waffle and Mallory” but we will get there.  She says about 20 words (and if you asked her she would surely tell you that she thinks she says much much more than this), she is still singing, and thankfully she gets her point across without needing to throw (too many) tantrums.

She has been so busy playing musical instruments, sliding down our inside slide, and trying to poke Lucy’s eyes that she forgot to grow in the past three months.  In fact, she even lost a pound.  Not good when you have nowhere to go on the growth chart.  The doctor had her first talk with me about upping her calories with a powdered calorie supplement. She told me to mix it in with applesauce, yogurt or pudding. I took the can and told her to wish me luck as this girl can detect even the slightest change in her beloved Goat Yogurt… 

She’s funny.  She has a real sense of humor at 19 months. She sees the camera come out and she immediately makes a funny face.  Not a nice smile, but a “will this make you laugh” sort of face.  Though this is very funny, I’d like to get a few “nice” smiles out of her before she’s two. 


By next month I hope to be posting about our adventures with a 20 month old experiencing walks to the park and slides into sand. I cannot wait!

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