Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Slip Sliding into fun!

Because we were addicted to the warm fuzzies we felt while we watched Mallory slide on Saturday we had to go back to try it out again.

With her diving sticks and goggles in hand, Mallory was ready to enjoy the afternoon.  Mikayla came too.  Mallory tried to hype up the pool and waterslide but Mikayla thought she was going to see the fish at the gym’s daycare.  It did not take her long at all to warm up to the idea of being in the pool and swimming with all of us.




After we practiced diving, floating, and tossing, Mallory suited up in her life jacket and, complete without fear, climbed up the steps of the slide and continued right where she left off on Saturday.

Now that Brent’s hands were free from Mallory’s, he took his next apprentice under his wing and introduced Mikayla to the waterslide. 

She was literally begging for “more” as soon as she made it down the slide. 




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