Saturday, March 5, 2011

Because memories like this last forever

Events like this make me realize that I don’t need this blog.


I will hold these memories in my heart and in my mind forever.


A simple double date for pizza and Princess’ on Ice.  To all of you, it is no big deal.


To these little girls, it was one of the best. nights. ever.


With a twirling, sparkling wand in hand, her eyes lit up bright. I watched her eyes and memories were etched for both of us.  Me in awe of her excitement, her in awe of the action on the ice.


My favorite part and then hers…


We clapped and cheered and we will definitely go back because making memories like we made is something we both could get used to…

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Molly Eid said...

What a great night and memory it sure was with our girls and us mommas!! =)