Friday, November 12, 2010

A Barrel of Fun


This picture was taken at a family picnic at my mom’s place that was this past summer.  Mallory took one look at the picture and said “Oh. I was so hot that day..”  Guess her memory is getting longer by the day.  She was right though, it was a very hot day for a patio picnic, but it was fun.  Yes, my kids are dressed the same.  Old people eat that stuff up and frankly whenever people oogle at my kids I get all warm and fuzzy, so you can bet the house that I purposely put them in matching outfits.  Also, the only way the residents know Mikayla is a girl is if I dress her in a dress.  That’s right. Even if she is in head-to-toe pink and she is wearing pants, most of them will reference her as a him.  Oh well, I can’t say my eyes will be any clearer at the ripe old age of 80+ either.

Back to the picnic..they had a polka band pair that sang old twangy songs (think Roll Out The Barrel).  Mallory danced, we all sang, and Mikayla looked at us all like we were cuckoo.  It was catered with pulled pork sandwiches, hotdogs, a few deli salads, chips and cookies.  Mallory ate two buns, a bag of chips and a cookie.  My dad made some sort of comment that she takes after her mom with her eating habits.  Nothing wrong with a handful of carbs…

In a nutshell: My mom loves her apartment, loves the activities, loves the friends she has made. Occasionally hates that she is surrounded by old people.  She really wants my dad to sell the house and move in with her “they have underground parking! And they do the yard work!” However, the most obvious, is that she is head-over-heals in love with her granddaughters.  They are the sun to her day and the stars to her night.  She watches one of their birthday videos each night before bed. She sings along to the songs and watches the memories flash before her.  It is here that I know that those memories, she will never forget.

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