Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not far from Ripley’s: UPDATED

Believe it or not, not even an hour after I published the original version of this post…

Believe it or not, Mallory’s tooth has yet to fall out.  It is very wiggly.  Brent and I shutter as we watch her wiggle it back and forth and all around.  The fairy will be visiting soon.  Very soon.  Her smile now proudly shows her crooked tooth. 


Believe it or not, Mikayla has almost mastered the art of walking around with a pumpkin on her head.  She laughs the entire time…and so do we. 


Believe it or not, we are the proud owners of a tot-sized snowboard.  Both girls gave it a whirl one morning before breakfast.  Oh, I am sure the posts will come when Mallory takes to the sledding hill via the snowboard.  Believe it or not, I am really not sure who is more excited; Brent or Mallory.

DSC09681                   DSC09685

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