Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Video

A few have asked for the link to Mallory's Birthday video. It is a little over 10 minutes long with music so play at your own discretion. Enjoy!


Amanda Jean said...

Alright, I watched Mallory's birthday video, and now I'M getting all sobby and sappy, and she's not even mine!

Kristie, every time I read your blogs about Mallory, or think back to conversations we had during the time leading up to the big move, and every time I see the photos you take and the things you do together, I'm struck by what an amazing mom you are. I hope I can be half that for my child someday.

Amanda Jean said...

Have I ever told you before that Mallory looks a lot like my older sister when she was her age? Every time I see pictures of her, I notice all over again. I'll have to find a picture of her sometime to show you, and see if you get the same impression. I can't pin-point what it is, but it's something.