Thursday, August 26, 2010

Second place? I’ll take it.

Mikayla you took your first steps today.  You are a week and a half shy of 13 months.  You’ve been standing independently for almost a month but you just would. not. step on your own.  You stand, fall right to your knees and, in blazing speed, crawl to your target item.  Today was different.  Today you stood, put your arms up in the air, and took 3 big steps all with a giant smile on your face.  I was there, cheering you on.  However, your eyes were not fixed on me for your first steps. Nope.  And you weren’t looking at your sister or your daddy.  What were you looking at? What was so great that you had to walk over to it?  

A big purple “Baaaaaaalll” You excitedly squealed as you moved each foot in the direction of the ball.

You’ve tried your luck at a few more steps as the day has rolled on. I am happy to report that I stretched out my arms, begged and pleaded for you to “walk to mommy!” and you did.  Probably because I put the ball in the garage.

Second place never felt so good while watching you waddle your way over to me.

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