Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Christmas

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.

For more reasons then just the snow, we decided to make our trek to Woodbury on Wednesday night and spend the night. We made it in time for a quick dinner and then snuggled in and watched the snow fly out in the big backyard. As much as I needed to be there with my dad to fill an empty a house before Christmas, he needed it to. A crying baby in the middle of the night, and his response was "I like to hear voices". The tiptoe of Mallory's footsteps at 6 dot dot 4 (in other words 6:40 am) brought a smile to his face.

I was filled with warm and fuzzy feelings every where I looked. The Christmas tree standing strong in the front window, the holly berry place mats that sat on the table, and our babies snuggled in their beds. I was awe struck when I looked at the mantel. Branches of our family tree. I am happy to say that Mikayla's stocking arrived just in time to hang in its rightful spot. Wondering what happened to Wayne's stocking? Well, Santa delivered a stocking full of nonperishable items for the food shelf, a new tradition.

Christmas morning, back in Prior Lake, brought the excitement that Santa had delivered a few presents for our family. The first gift that was opened was a coffeemaker. Santa ate the cookies, leaving a few crumbs, and also left a nice note to Mallory telling her what a great girl she is.

Christmas day down in Jordan was a flurry of excitement with 3 preschoolers excited about the day and two new babies to celebrate their first Christmas.

We truly were spoiled this year. Healthy, happy, full of great food, and wonderful gifts. We spent three days surrounded by our family and we couldn't have asked for anything better.

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