Friday, May 15, 2009

Thanks and Thoughts

Most of you are probably ready for Brent to be home, simply so I stop talking about my woes of missing him. You will be glad to read that this is the very last post about the trip, and to your surprise, it isn't only about us. It is also about all of you.

As I reflect before Brent is actually home, I can't help but think that there is no way I would have mentally kept it together for these 4.5 months if I didn't have the support of all of our friends and family. I wish I could name you all and give you the recognition you deserve, but that would make for a long and really boring post.

No matter what part you played, large or small, you helped us get through this. Whether you sent an email of encouragement, a phone call to check in, or even commented on a blog post, your thoughts helped us. To those that gave me the mental break I so desperately craved for, either by taking me away or watching Mallory, you saved both of us from going stir crazy after spending so much time together. Thanks to you all!! We wouldn't have made it safely to the other side without your support and help.

I've learned a lot in the past few months. Though we weren't completely on our own, (we will owe my parents for the rest of our lives) together, though separated by hundreds of miles, Brent and I have grown as a couple. I never expected it. Never even thought it was possible. But on that first day when he left, we were faced with a crossroad. We could feel sorry for ourselves, wallow in our sadness, and throw ourselves a pity party when we missed each other; or we could take it as one of the last learning experiences from this entire transition; realizing that our love is plenty strong to make it through. We chose the later road and am I ever glad we did. We pulled ourselves together, admitted that we missed each other (a lot) but moved on each day, knowing that we would eventually get to May.

And here we are. It is Friday, May 16th 2009. Brent is on his way home as we speak, bound for Minnesota (excited, but still only driving 5 miles over the speed limit). Mallory's party planning is all taken care of; There are balloons on the mailbox, she is wearing a new blue shirt that says "Daddy's Little Munchkin" on the front and "We survived ATC training 2009" on the back. We have made the cupcakes and the ice cream cones will come out after the Taurus pulls into the driveway. Mostly her ideas (except the Tshirt) and she is so proud of the decorating and preparation she has done to celebrate having her "Daddy home for good".

I knew this would be an emotional day from the day he drove away. I knew that I could truly let it all go and breakdown after he made it home. I am a stronger woman, stronger wife, and lord knows a stronger mother after making through these last few months.

Thanks again for all of your support. We can only hope that we can pay you all back in one way or another someday...


Lexie said...

I can't imagine the excitement you are feeling right now. You made it!We are so proud of you and Brent! What an accomplishment! Have fun at the party! Love you all!

Sara said...

Cran- You have always been a strong woman. From the moment I met you I knew that. It is crazy what experiences can make us see, make us realize, and make us realize how much we can really handle. Congrats on being such a wonderful person, wife and mother. Happy May 15th! I know today will be amazing for your whole family.

Amanda Jean said...

Every post I read of yours leaves me a sniffling mess!

I am ecstatic beyond words for you.

You two have such an amazing love! With all of the incredible, wonderful changes up ahead for your growing family, I'm so glad you can close the gap and march forward, hand in hand again!

Congratulations to you both for making it!

Cullen, Jen and Avery said...

Yea!!! So excited for you to have your family all back in one place. Your posts have been great, and have made me really appreciate all that I have in my life too. Thanks Kristie..enjoy your hubby!!! `