Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mission Tradition: Outcome

We are about to start the whirlwind that encompasses Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Families from near and far, baby's first, red shirts, festive socks, lots of food, surprise presents, delicious cookies, visits from Santa, and surrounding it all is the wonder and awe that is having a preschooler during this time of year.

However, getting there has been more exhausting than I had imagined. I woke up today, just plain tired. I wanted 3 more hours of sleep, breakfast in bed and a "weekend". But to no avail, Monday morning came and we skipped "Saturday and Sunday". Brent was lucky enough to be able to work 6 days in a row opting to do this and get Christmas Eve off of work to spend with my family. Grateful? You bet. Six days of solo mom work, exhausting? Absolutely. I lay in bed this morning, rubbed my eyes and said to myself that I would not let myself get wrapped up in the exhaustion letting this week fly by on autopilot.

Mallory came skipping up the stairs a few minutes later and said "Four more days 'til Christmas!" She was beaming...which was contagious.

We then had the following conversation:
Me: That's right! Four more days until Christmas! Do you remember what the real meaning of Christmas is?
Mal: Giving presents not just getting them! Surprise ones!
Me: That is right! Everyone is going to be so excited to get your presents! And why do we celebrate Christmas?
Mal: It's Jesus' Birthday! Really he was already born, we just have a celebration for him. (Celebration? Thanks to preschool for teaching Mallory such great words!)
Me: That's right. And just to test her on if she really listens to me and to make sure the last month wasn't a waste... And let's see, what is a food shelf?
Mal: A place where people who have no money go, to get food. And a place we bring our extra food, even yummy Macaroni.

So we are wrapping up the time of the season that brings those warm fuzzy feelings leading up to Christmas. I cannot wait to experience it all through Mallory's eyes. I hope that we have started a few traditions that will provide Mallory and Mikayla with their own foundations about what really matters on Christmas and what is truly important during this season.

Mission Completed.


Sara Sylvester said...

You really are a wonderful mother. I hope you realize that.

The Stantons said...

Yes, you are an amazing mother Kristie! I hope I can do as good of a job instilling these values in my children. :)