Monday, August 17, 2009

Our week in pictures

Highlights of the first week with Mikayla.

So far, being a big sister is great!

This is how we roll.

Life is nothing short of amazing with two kids.

Exhausting at times, breathtaking at others.

Mikayla and Kendra....The journey begins.
Mikayla and Kendra are cousins, born just 16 days apart. I can't wait to watch their relationship evolve as they grow and change. Here is their first (I am sure of many) photo shoots. Take a look at what we are in for :) Feel free to make up your own "baby conversation"


Dustan, Mary and Reyce said...

Oh my! Kendra is punching her!

Amanda Jean said...

HAHAHAHA! Poor thing, getting punched in the face...

She's so darn cute. And look at what a beaming big sister Mallory is!