Saturday, August 22, 2009

Older than dirt?

Yup. Through the eyes of our 14 year old baby sitter Brent may be older then dirt. I'll explain.

This weekend we called our sitter and let Mallory have some needed one on one time with someone while we enjoyed some equally important time with adults. We brought Mikayla with and she enjoyed her very first dinner party with her BFF Ellie. I guess technically it wasn't her first dinner party--more her first dinner party as an invite to somebody else's house. Anyways, as the night rolled on we were all joking about what kind of parents we were when it came to dealing with the babysitter. Brent seemed to take the brunt of the jokes as he tends to be a bit protective of his daughters. (Nothing wrong with that honey, I love you for it.) In the end we decided that we were in fact adults, real adults. We have to call and get a babysitter, pay her, make lists with instructions, rules and emergency phone numbers and bring her home...the drive home where you hope you aren't the creepy parent who talks to much making for an awkwardly uncomfortable trip home.

When we got home I sat down on the couch and was chatting with the sitter. I was asking her about school, how the 8th grade was going to be, what her favorite and least favorite subjects were and so on. She told me (as Brent was coming down the stairs) that this would be her last year at Hidden Oaks Middle School. Brent pipes in, "Hey I was the first class to go to Hidden Oak!" First, she did a double take, sort of like she couldn't possibly have heard him correctly, and then she says, completely flabbergasted "You went to Hidden Oaks? I didn't know the school was that old." At that point she had a look on her face to Brent that said "you may be older than dirt" I tried not to laugh too hard at that moment but when Brent got home (from the super uncomfortable drop off drive) we each had a good laugh over the conversation...

It was then solidified. We are adults and we are getting old. We get babysitters and those sitters think we are really really old. Oh well, at least Brent will always be older than me.

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Kristen said...

I think you forgot the part where Brent went and spied on the babysitter to make sure there were no boys in the house. :)