Monday, June 22, 2009

And the not so cute...

Ya know sometimes, well a lot of times actually, I come on here to share cute stories about Mallory. Usually I get a good laugh out of what she has done, or typically, what cute phrase or word she has said. Until Sunday. I had one of my first "Well that wasn't so cute" moments.

Mallory had been playing with a puzzle and was all done with it. She put it back in the box, closed it up, and was ready to head upstairs to find her dad. Seeing that she forgot to put it away, I called her back downstairs and asked if she could please put the puzzle in the cabinet.

Her response: "Uggghhhhh Dammit" as she marched down the stairs and put the puzzle away.

Mouth wide open, me unsure if I really heard her right, I asked her to repeat what she just said.

"Uggggghhhhh Dammit"

Yup. The not so cute.

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Jill said...

I'd rather be riding Lark as well. Too bad it can't be done while you are pregnant!