Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Recap

How fun are weekends when the weather is nice? Wow! We had a great weekend and it was made even better having Brent home. Mallory and I soaked up as much as we could and today we sit in a bit of a "daddy hangover" recovering from all of the fun.

Saturday morning we gave Mallory her very first big girl bike. Sure it has training wheels, but she climbed on that bike like she had been riding it for months. She spent the majority of her free time pedaling around and loving her bike. It was so fun to see. We quickly realized that her first "spill" off the bike is not going to come from her lack of skill, but from her "no fear" attitude...we shall see.

The Easter egg hunts were the other big deal for the weekend. We had one with Brent's family on Saturday and with my family on Sunday. The kids ranged in age from 2-7 and they all LOVED it.

The goodbye on Sunday night was much easier than last time. Brent and Mallory counted out 34 blue M&M's and when they are gone he is home for good. The hardest part was not only saying goodbye to him, but saying goodbye to such a fun weekend. The final countdown is on. Bring on the sunny and warm weather so these days fly by!!!

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