Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekend Adventure

Mallory and I headed up "North" this weekend for a surprise birthday party for one of Brent's uncles. I was determined that Mallory and I make this trip even though Brent wasn't going to be able to join us. We rented a room at a hotel in Ashland, Wisconsin that we have stayed at before. It is very easy for me to get to and they have a great pool/water slide area for the kids so I knew Mallory would have a blast. I filled the van with all the essential snacks and books to keep Mallory entertained and we went on our way. I was so proud of the way Mallory handed the car trip. She is not a car sleeper so I knew naps were most likely not going to happen--too bad she couldn't have driven, I could have slept :) She read her books and we listened to her kid music off and on. I might have driven us straight into the ditch if I had to listen to that for 4 straight hours. Don't get me wrong I love 'Down by the Bay' but it can get pretty darn old after the third time hearing it...

We got to the hotel Saturday and she had a blast playing in the pool. Within 10 minutes she had a made a friend that she played with until it was time to go rest before the party. The party was fun, a little overwhelming for Mallory at first but she warmed up to the idea in a few minutes and was off and running until I corralled her a few hours later to head back to the hotel.

Sunday we woke up, ate breakfast, swam some more at the pool and then headed out onto the road. We made a stop along the way at Brent's cousins house as I was told they had tons of animals that Mallory (and me too, who am I kidding) would enjoy. WOW! A big thanks to Jessy and Eric and the kids for showing Mallory and I around and letting us play in the barn with the animals. Mallory was able to bottle feed a baby calf (so cool!), pet a duck that thinks its a dog (hilarious to say the least), pet a few miniature horses (a pregnant one that I could oh-so relate to), and romp around the place asking all sorts of questions.

Here is the duck that "thinks" it is a dog. It follows the dog where ever it goes, quacking the entire time. So funny!!!

It never ceases to amaze me how comfortable Mallory can make herself feel in new situations. This weekend proved that over and over again. She walked around the hotel like it was home, she played and visited at the party like she saw all of those people on a daily basis, and she marched around the farm like she had played there everyday of her life. I hope she continues to have this gift as she grows up.

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