Monday, March 30, 2009

"I need glasses!'

I was taking a shower last night, after a long weekend adventure which I will tell you about later today, it was a much needed shower. I was just finishing up and the door swings open and in comes Mallory with Lucy following behind. Just like every other mom in this world, privacy doesn't exist for very long when you have toddlers and preschoolers and a dog that thinks she is human... Anyways, Mallory came in to the bathroom and asks, "what are you doing Mommy?" "Taking a shower," I answer. She was fresh out of the tub, wet hair and all, so I asked her to grab the brush out of the drawer and brush her hair. Before long she was elbow deep in my drawer with a bracelet on and asking what my eye lash curler was. I told her to shut the drawer and climb up on the toilet seat and wait for me to come and dry her hair.

The next treasure she found involves the following conversation:

Mal: Whoa, these glasses are silly.
Me: Mallory, please take my glasses off they are not a toy.
Mal: Mommy, could I ask for glasses on my next birthday list for when I turn 4? (Which is in January by the way)
She took off the glasses and set them back up on the counter...
Me: "Glasses aren't something that you want. They are something that you need. If you are at school and you are having trouble seeing the letters on the blackboard (not sure where the word blackboard came from, but whatever I was tired...) then that might mean you need glasses to see better.
Mal: "Whoa, I do need glasses mommy, because I can't even see a blackboard!"

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