Monday, March 4, 2013

The Dells? Close enough…

Our annual trip to Wisconsin Dells was put aside this year as January was all about welcoming Kensi Jovle into the world.  Kristen and Justin asked if we wanted to head to the Waterpark of America for a little day trip to make up for the Dells.  We made it a  Stay-cation for the Jovle’s and had them spend the night over here so we could continue the fun after the kids went to bed.  I learned a few things on the this trip… I could not believe how much more fun the kids are as they get older.  Mallory was off wanting to do it all.  Mikayla was brave enough to handle a few more slides by herself than she did last year and she LOVED doing the biggest of slides with her dad.  Sienna rocked the the little slides by herself as well.  Sienna and Mikayla also proved that we needed to have “all eyes on deck” as they were known to take off and walk to, and in, to wherever their little minds were set on.   I also learned that because being watchful of your children is very important-taking pictures does not happen.  I was photo duty for both families and I am afraid I only captured a few.

P1140230  P1140232


Giant pizza slices, burgers, french fries—all devoured by our hungry swimmers.

We celebrated Kristen’s birthday back at our place so after the kids were showered up, they enjoyed cake and then went off to bed.  We were completely kid-free by 9:30—even the baby was sleeping!  The adults then enjoyed delicious fresh strawberry daiquiris (we pretended we were at a 5 star beach resort) and a game of cards.

We made sure to plan our trip to the Dells next year—complete with a full menu of food and a *new* date in hopes of avoiding the dreaded January sickness that seems to plague us each year and three wonderful nights away from it all.  Can’t wait!

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