Thursday, January 3, 2013

Brightwing On A Shelf

Brightwing hung around the house for the Christmas season and it was so much fun.  Each day he reported back to Santa with a message of good news—we had nice little girls!  He seemed to have the most fun, and received the most amount of laughs, when he got himself into a bit of mischief.  Here are some of our favorites!  Thanks in part to Pinterest for some of the great ideas along with some late night scrambling on Brent and I’s part, this turned out to be much easier and more fun than I had anticipated.

Brightwing tries to help decorate the Christmas tree.  This one made Mikayla explode with laughter. She now understood that the elf moved and does funny things.  She had to tell everyone who talked to her all about the silly Brightwing.

Brightwing gets his game on!  Here he took Barbie and not one, but two princesses to a Drive-In Movie.  Feature film, you ask?  Barbie Mermadia.  A true love story.  The verdict on this was that Brent and I got a bigger kick out setting this up than the girls did discovering it.  P1130518

25 days until Christmas!  Brightwing found our Christmas
countdown and displayed it for us to see.

Taking a bubble bath in mini marshmallows

The day we flew out to Florida he was waiting for us in a toy airplane on the table.

Toilet papering the Christmas tree

One morning he locked the cupboard that held all of our cups and the girls were forced to drink out of bowls with straws!

Almost deflated helium balloons (left over from the North Pole Party)
were hung on the tree.

Sledding down the banister atop Frosty’s back. 

On Christmas Eve morning Brightwing removed the stockings and hung his Christmas Sack.  He told the girls in a letter that he filled their stockings up and tucked them in Santa’s sleigh.  He also told them that it was time for him to head back to the North Pole.  They had done such a great job of keeping his magic alive that they were both able to give him a hug and a kiss and then put him away and hang him back up so Santa could take him back home. 

They each took a turn giving him a hug and inspecting every inch.  Mallory spoke up in awe, “His wings are a sparkly snowflake! And he jingles!”  They read the Elf on a Shelf story to him before they put him in his sack and we hung him back up.

P1140026    P1140029

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