Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Making Holiday Memories

Whoa has recording memories taken a backseat.  We were busy making them like crazy and taking a few moments to write any down would have surely made for me to miss some of the fun…  Here goes a few fun things wrapped into one pretty Christmas post.

Straight back from a lengthy delay in Orlando after our fabulous trip to the World, we woke up and had our annual Gingerbread making extravaganza with the Lindners.  Per Jenny’s request, this year we added trees to the fun.  I think this was the most fun for me, as it was easy, quick and super cute!  Jeff looks like he is all business, but I am pretty sure he consumes the most amount of candy out of any of us…

P1130858  P1130856  P1130857

Next up, my mind was wrapped in North Pole fun as Jaime and I decided to host a North Pole Party.  We got the idea from a favorite blogger of mine Kelle Hampton.  We spent weeks making lists, purchasing lights and other festive items, and then we locked ourselves in my house for 2 days and transformed the house in the North Pole.  It was so much work.  In fact it was more than I had expected, but it was nothing shy of perfect, and I will absolutely do it again.  We had 15 little kids who came as Santa’s elves to enjoy the party.  We decorated ornaments, made reindeer food, ate cookies, sent our wish into the sky for Santa to receive and then listened to a story read by Grandpa Gary.  The pictures don’t even begin to give justice to the magic that was in the air.  A yearly tradition has been added to the books, and I am already thinking of new ideas to make next year even more magical.  Anybody know a place where I can rent reindeer??


          P1130905  P1130933  

              Ellie and Abbie showing off their jars full of reindeer food.
           P1130930    P1130931  

Mikayla and Sienna thoroughly enjoying their frosted Christmas tree cookies.
              P1130935   P1130936

Santa was busy at Flight Training camp with the reindeer so he left a few letters for the Elves to explain the nights events. 

My favorite part of the night…on quilt made by Great Grandma Crandall,
Gary read Twas the Night Before Christmas.


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